Friday, July 15, 2005

Your Virtual Real Estate Assistant 

What Everyone Needs... A Virtual Assistant!

Now you can have the kind of research assistance you need. The Asheville 1031/Eco-STEWARD Real Estate Firm, a professional real estate consulting organization, is offering online answsrs to questions of interest to those seeking information to enhance their potential for win-win property transactions.

Asheville, N.C.
July 15, 2005

Asheville 1031/Eco-STEWARD Real Estate Firm is proud to announce the addition of our virtual research assistant, affectionately known as MizzLori, to our group. If you have questions about your real estate transactions, and more specifically if you have environmentally-sensitive questions, please contact MizzLori@janeAnne.com

Dear MizzLori,

I have pet deer and would love to move to the Asheville area.Would that be a problem?


Dear S,

As research assistant for Asheville 1031/ Eco-STEWARD Real Estate I often get to talk with wonderful people here in Asheville and the surrounding areas. I spoke with such a kind and knowledgeable wildlife specialist today at WNC Nature Center. Although the answer he gave me about permission for pet deer in the Asheville, North Carolina was not a positive one for you, the explanation was very thorough and clear.

It is unlawful in North Carolina to keep deer as pets and also unlawful to transport them here or even from one facility to another within the state. The concern is for Chronic Wasting Disease. It seems that they are very protective of the wildlife here.

I was given a link to pass on to you, it is: www.ncwildlife.org and there are links within the site explaining these regulations.

I wish I could have had better news for you but if you are still considering a move to our beautiful mountains here in Buncombe or Madison counties rest assured that with Asheville1031/Eco-STEWARD Real Estate Firm you will find wonderful possibilities.

If I can be of any further assistance, please contact me.



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