Thursday, February 24, 2005

~eco-Bit~ NC Healthy-Built Homes 

Here's some interesting INFO...on NC Healthy-Built Homes that will be helpful for you in terms of making informed decisions....Here you will find links to various web sites for architects/builders in the Greater Asheville area who focus on providing a healthy environment for you and your family.

"Green Building provides a certain common ground and continuity to all of our Residential Projects. We focus on energy and space efficiency, informed material selection, and the opportunities for natural heating and cooling through careful site planning..."

As Your Buyers' Broker, I am very excited about what this means for YOU...
a "Healthy-Built Home" not only is a great place in which your family can BREATHE
without concerns for toxic mold, mildew and off-gassing, but a property where nontoxic paint, timber not treated with arsenic, an efficient formaldehyde-free insulation are used.

It's a great real estate investment!

Such homes will be in more and more demand in the future(should you choose to sell)..As we move into more awareness of the value of energy and space efficiency, informed material selection, and the opportunities for natural heating and cooling through careful site planning...
future Buyers will be taking such pluses into consideration.

Let's say you want to rehab/invest in an older home...
Here are some of VERDI'S rehab projects:

I have met with the Project Manager for this Verdi Project

In my opinion, he is knowledgeable, responsive and REAL..
a big plus for you and for me as your liaison.

The above project will be a cluster-housing community...the materials going into these

not too expensive homes is TOP quality! I like the attitude here.

I have shown this Verdi home:
It is in an historic neighborhood. I can tell from seeing it in person, that the builder
has "what it takes" when it comes to
sustainable design
and in context-sensitive land and building design.

Here's VERDI's fast track (really useful) INFO on Green Building:

Here's an example of a Healthy-Built Home...almost ready:


As your Buyers' Broker, it is my happy task to check with any of the architects/builders here
should you want more information....We would want to ascertain the level of familiarity with the NC Healthy-Built Homes Program....

Here's an very interesting example of a Healthy-Built Home...
with photos of the process involved from start to finish...

Let me know what you think!


Monday, February 21, 2005

1031 Brokers and Resources 

Brokers & Resources for 1031 Exchange Replacement & IRA Investment Properties

Asheville 1031/ecoSTEWARD Realty http://www.Asheville1031realty.com
is my home base these days, a real connection for real folks who want the special attention they require for the time-sensitive transactions in which we specialize.

We work with clients who either are replacing property as part of a 1031 Like Kind Exchange, relocating to the beautiful Appalachians of Western North Carolina, or are investing in property as part of the IRA real estate investment portfolio.

Here in the Greater Asheville area, which has a top rating for second and vacation homes, we happily offer accurate property selection, liaison, resource, and referral services for our clients' complex needs.

The Asheville 1031/eco STEWARD Realty http://www.Asheville1031realty.com
site offers you a complete database of all Asheville area real estate listings, updated daily. You can use our interactive 5-county real estate search engine to find that perfect Asheville area mountain property from ALL listings within the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). By indicating your specific search criteria, you will be able to narrow down those qualities which matter most to you as an investor in Asheville area real estate. Results are thorough, up to date, and instantaneous.

The Asheville area is special. So are YOU. We are committed to both!

Ask us about the latest news on Asheville, North Carolina real estate trends to see why we believe Asheville real estate is a wise 1031 Exchange investment for your future. And PLEASE CHECK OUT OUR VERY SPECIAL PICKS FOR YOU IN LAND BUYS AND REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT PROPERTIES!

Thursday, February 03, 2005


Breathing Easy...

Air quality is vital to the health of everyone.
We all share the air. It has no boundaries.

The notion that any of us can claim entire ownership of the entire challenge of making sure our kids and grandkids (at least) can breathe easy,makes no sense at all. But we CAN get together at a local level to educate ourselves and act for our best interests!

Here in Western North Carolina , we have a significantly high rate of thermal inversion. Much of this air pollution is imported from our neighboring states. Our region must take the greatest care to protect its air quality: Incineration of any kind is especially inappropriate for Western North Carolina. So with the growing problem with air quality before us, just this past June our Attorney General, Roy Cooper announced an intent to sue the Tennessee Valley Authority under the failure to comply with provisions of the Clean Air Act.

We are not an angry bunch here, but anyone in North Carolina looking at the sky on a cloudless day will see a gray(and life-threatening) haze in the distance. That haze is caused by emissions from everything from industry and automobiles, and it calls us to action!

Recently, Dr. Tom Linden from UNC-Chapel Hill reported on causes and effects of air pollution in three different regions of North Carolina.

In Western North Carolina, whose residents are facing more possibilities of respiratory illness because of the air quality here, Linden treks the Blue Ridge Parkway, whose beautiful scenery is now obscured by a brown fog, caused by pollution from coal-fired plants in Western Carolina and the Tennessee Valley Authority.

Because coal-fired plants are not governed by the same regulations as some of the more updated industries, they release more sulfates and other toxins into the air, causing increases in incidents of asthma and bronchitis.

Why then would the proposed "Clear Skies" Act" eviscerate the two key Clean Air Act provisions that state attorneys general employ to sue polluting power plants?

Why would it gut the Clean Air Act's New Source Review (NSR) program?

NSR requires power plants to add new pollution controls when they expand their capacity.
But the proposed new plan would reduce the number of situations in which power plants would have to install new pollution control technology! "The approach taken in [Clear Skies] would allow power plant operators to keep plants operating for 100 years without applying modern emission controls," Conrad Schneider of the Clean Air Task Force told a Senate Committee last week.

If NSR is crippled, dirty plants can run indefinitely without reducing their pollution emissions. The AGs trying to protect the public will be able to do nothing about it.

Today in North Carolina, where we experience the effects of interstate air pollution, we do have a remedy for our air quality problems. A process (known as Section 126 petitions) allows our Attorney General to file a petition if a neighboring state is out of compliance with Clean Air Act standards. This Section 126 petition asks the EPA to take action against out-of-state sources that are fouling its air. In fact, this is the petition that Attorney General Cooper filed against plants in 13 states last March. (Northeastern state AGs filed similar petitions in the 1990s against Midwestern and Southeastern power generators.)

Here's what concerns us: When the EPA acts on a Section 126 petition, it usually gives the targeted power plants about three (3) years to clean up their stacks. But Clear Skies would block any Section 126 fixes until 2014, giving polluters a nine ( 9) year pass. Even after 2014, states asking for EPA's help to crack down on out-of-state plants would have to show they have applied every single more cost-effective measure at cutting pollution. The Clean Air Task Force's Schneider calls this "an impossible showing."

I asked reliable sources about the possibility of this action having to do with partisan politics.
hey informed me that, " Republicans and Democrats alike support a strong role for the states in protecting the environment, a principle known as cooperative federalism." As an example, GOP governors George Pataki of New York and Arnold Schwarzenegger of California last month reminded the Senate that "states do the majority of the work to carry out [the Clean Air Act's] mandates."

The governors asked the Senate to "protect the cornerstones" of the Clean Air Act, specifically the strong role of the states.


INFORMATION on our air quality is provided at my Real Estate home pages
www.janeAnne.com and at the Western North Carolina Regional Air Quality site http://www.wncair.org/

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