Sunday, May 29, 2005

1031 Like Kind Exchanges 

Investment Strategies

The 1031 Like Kind Exchange is a valuable transaction for the real estate investor. It involves property held for productive use in a trade or business or for investment (except inventory and stocks and bonds) for property of the same type. For the most part, unless "boot" is involved (see other articles) the exchange is nontaxable in the current year. Soagain, generally, if you exchange business or investment property solely for business or investment property of a like kind, no gain or loss is recognized under section 1031 of the IRS Code.

Over the years, if you continue to "trade up" this strategy can be advantageous as investors not only accumulate property, but property that appreciates and is more valuable. Like Kind Exchanges, often referred to as Starker Exchanges, Deferred Exchanges, Land Swaps and Trades, have particular rules that govern whether a real esate transaction actually qualifies for the 1031 advantage. It is IMPORTANT that your/your professional tean and your REALTOR are familiar with these rules!

For those of you looking for wise investments in real estate, the Asheville area, the hottest market for second/vacation homes in the USA, could top your list!

And, with just a little planning, the 1031 Exchange (or 1031 Like Kind Exchange) can speed you on your way. The 1031 Exchange as it applies to the real property transaction means that you may NOT reside in /at the property. (There is a two week exception.) However, with appreciation rates in the Greater Asheville area at about 10%++ annually, the 1031 transaction is still an excellent plan. As your investment property increases in value and, in a couple years, you exchange it for another (again with no tax liability) you can see your investment grow.

Look to the future with LAND LEGACIES. Stewardship of mountainland in the Greater Asheville area assures a future for your family where streams and nature are bountiful. Remember: Land is a limited commodity.

Wise Choice: Since regulations concerning 1031 Exchanges give specific examples of what is or is NOT like-kind, it is wise to seek the counsel of your attorney, CPA, and/or a Qualified Intermediary while you and I are out locating the replacement properties.

Friday, May 06, 2005

"Creative Retirement" ~ Elderlings, Take Note! 

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal suggested that most neighborhoods throughout the country lack resources for folks beyond the age of 65.(May 5, 2005) --

Although new research by AARP reveals that "the country's neighborhoods, housing, and community services aren't well-equipped to handle the needs of older residents"...here in the Greater Asheville area, we are an definite exception to that conclusion. Our area ranks among the top places in the country for creative, and I am saying CREATIVE retirement. " You don't hear 'out to pasture' here unless you want to," said Peter H. un-retired executive.

"The degree to which your house and community meet your needs as you age determines whether you experience good aging or bad aging," says Elinor Ginzler, director of AARP's livable-communities initiative. And here in the Greater Asheville area, we agree!...

On behalf of AARP, Roper Public Affairs and Media conducted a survey of elderlings which found that and a solid 87 percent of survey respondents who report high levels of community involvement say they are satisfied with their lives, while only 56 percent of those with low community involvement say the same. "Our Center for Creative Retirement based out of UNC Asheville helps us to stay connected and involved," added Pete H.

Check out THIS link:

If you are looking for an "un-retirement" , second or vacation home that will be sensitive to your quality of life needs, and you are of the "un-retirement age" , please contact

Thursday, May 05, 2005

~ weather bit...Get the "REAL" Scoop on Asheville's Weather 

Looking for detailed and really interesting information about our weather in the Greater Asheville area? Be sure to check out this link:http://www.wunderground.com/US/NC/Asheville.html

This link will take you to "Weather Underground"...the personal weather stations and commentary of folks around here...

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this is THE link for you!

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