Tuesday, March 23, 2004

" To BE....." 

"The North Carolina State motto is Esse Quam Videre-"To Be, Rather Than To Seem." How appropriate for the region I call Home. Here a paradigm of personal and cultural change with compassion unfolds. almost as if it is one with the French Broad River and the startling magical Blue Ridge Mountains.

Asheville, population 70,000 is one of the world's most dynamic focal points for the coalescing society of cultural progressives. The city's motto of course is "Altitude Affects Attitude."

Locally grown food, organic and fresh, healthy-built homes and culturally diverse neighborhoods intrigue me.They are here in Asheville. And I like the fact that my home here in "green" Asheville is energy efficient and that it wasn't hard to find the qualities that make it so.

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Friday, March 19, 2004

Eco-Sensitive in Asheville 

Just ten minutes from downtown Asheville, the growing community of Fairview, North Carolina and Eastwood Village, brainchild of Harry Pilos of Delphi Development of Asheville can be found. Eastwood is working to create a walking community "mountain style". There are single-family homes, apartments, and the retail spaces all within easy access to each other. Instead on stacking multi-storied apartments near busy highways, Eastwood "blends in" with the surrounding mountains.

This development is in the arts-and-crafts style ...one and two-story retail ,single family homes featuring real stonework, real cedar, jacuzzi tubs, and then multi-storied apartments. The villgae appears to amble up the mountainside in a natural progression. There are outdoor grills, gazeboes, and playgrounds. .

.Fairview, North Carolina is indeed prospering and Eastwood Village's eco-friendly approach is a major part of it. One other plus in Fairview's and Eastwood's favor in keeping it ecologically healthy is its designation as a "Scenic Byway" by the State of North Carolina. This was the first five-lane road to receive this distinction. The designation should help keep U.S. Hwy. 74-A an "uncluttered" approach to Asheville for years to come.

I will update this post in the future to let you know if Fairview stays the course.

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Asheville is Getting Green 

Over the years, I've asked myself how to make the most meaning of our real estate practice
here in "Green" Asheville.

We talked about it at our staff meetings. We chose "Do well while doing good," as the firm's motto. Our mascot is the Ivory-Billed Woodpecker,thought extinct, re-discovered and now the symbol of a second chance and conscientious stewardship. Maybe all the guy needed was that second chance to find out for himself that REALTORS® are involved in work and value-creation.

REALTORS® play an important role when it comes to our clients. So much goes on behind the scenes from which our clients may benefit, but may be unaware. Take for example this month's meeting here in Asheville of REALTORS® who hold the ECO certification approved by the North Carolina Real Estate Commission, where were were hard-at-work behind the scenes.

Aware of the trend toward consumer interest in LEED certified green-built homes, we were preparing not only by educating ourselves, but by making choices in terms of how to share the benefits with our potential clients through public education. Aren't we all looking for the win-win-win situation?

Here's what I think: REALTORS® get it! We know that change is a constant..possibly even more so these days. Like the cycles of life, change happens. Relocation. Retirement. Moving on. Scaling down. More and more people see a trend happening. The changes may be subtle or not-so subtle, but they impact the way we perceive our surroundings, and ourselves in the context of opportunity. Opportunity Knocks...if we take the time to gather insights from first-hand experiences, and are willing to learn along the way.


Saturday, March 13, 2004

Green Real Estate & Investment Topics 

(UPDATED regularly...please scroll down this page to read)

How to Find THE "Right" ONE for You

From a Hilltop Overlooking the River!
A narrative on life in Western North Carolina

Preserves and Land Conservancies

Good information for the home buyer

Amazing tracts of land, land trusts, land preserves and spectacular properties require more time and marketing effort in order to attract just the “right” investor/buyer. When choosing a REALTOR to represent you in such transactions look for that person’s ability to:

CLUSTER HOUSING and large tracts of land
Interesting information on this form of development

Residential, horse farms and estates, vacant land, mountain getaways, 1031 Like-Kind Exchange

1031 LIKE-KIND EXCHANGES an Overview

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