Saturday, February 07, 2004


Amazing tracts of land, land trusts, land preserves and spectacular properties require more time and marketing effort in order to attract just the “right” investor/buyer. When choosing a REALTOR to represent you in such transactions look for that person’s ability to:

1. Define the unique attributes of the property
2. Create a comprehensive marketing plan
3. Pay focused attention to the project over an extended period of time

Exceptional Properties Need Exceptional Definition

I like to define and differentiate exceptional properties clearly. Although such gems already stand out because of unique quality and eminent location, it is still wise to emphasize those qualities in a way that prospective investors/buyers easily can assess. Whether this means choosing multi-phased and varying graphic details, virtual tours available to a wide audience, or selected mailings to particular audiences, I love the challenge. Exceptional properties need exceptional definition.

Exceptional Properties Require Exceptional Marketing

The investor/buyer who appreciates the unique quality and location of a exceptional properties may come from the next town, the next state or from anywhere around the world. To successfully sell such properties, I devote dedicated resources to the project, and deliver a customized marketing plan that will reach a targeted audience of prospective buyers. Besides the standard marketing plan—brochure, database marketing, cooperation with other brokerage companies, advertising in local Real Estate publications, and MLS Listing support— customized press releases, and web site connections are “musts” on the To-Do-List.

The Internet has been a tremendous support in the marketing of all real estate, but is especially helpful in marketing exceptional properties. Virtual tours, expanded listing information, and the ability to search for homes geographically or by market bring million-dollar properties right to the desk of prospective buyers.

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