Tuesday, March 23, 2004

" To BE....." 

"The North Carolina State motto is Esse Quam Videre-"To Be, Rather Than To Seem." How appropriate for the region I call Home. Here a paradigm of personal and cultural change with compassion unfolds. almost as if it is one with the French Broad River and the startling magical Blue Ridge Mountains.

Asheville, population 70,000 is one of the world's most dynamic focal points for the coalescing society of cultural progressives. The city's motto of course is "Altitude Affects Attitude."

Locally grown food, organic and fresh, healthy-built homes and culturally diverse neighborhoods intrigue me.They are here in Asheville. And I like the fact that my home here in "green" Asheville is energy efficient and that it wasn't hard to find the qualities that make it so.

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