Monday, February 21, 2005

1031 Brokers and Resources 

Brokers & Resources for 1031 Exchange Replacement & IRA Investment Properties

Asheville 1031/ecoSTEWARD Realty http://www.Asheville1031realty.com
is my home base these days, a real connection for real folks who want the special attention they require for the time-sensitive transactions in which we specialize.

We work with clients who either are replacing property as part of a 1031 Like Kind Exchange, relocating to the beautiful Appalachians of Western North Carolina, or are investing in property as part of the IRA real estate investment portfolio.

Here in the Greater Asheville area, which has a top rating for second and vacation homes, we happily offer accurate property selection, liaison, resource, and referral services for our clients' complex needs.

The Asheville 1031/eco STEWARD Realty http://www.Asheville1031realty.com
site offers you a complete database of all Asheville area real estate listings, updated daily. You can use our interactive 5-county real estate search engine to find that perfect Asheville area mountain property from ALL listings within the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). By indicating your specific search criteria, you will be able to narrow down those qualities which matter most to you as an investor in Asheville area real estate. Results are thorough, up to date, and instantaneous.

The Asheville area is special. So are YOU. We are committed to both!

Ask us about the latest news on Asheville, North Carolina real estate trends to see why we believe Asheville real estate is a wise 1031 Exchange investment for your future. And PLEASE CHECK OUT OUR VERY SPECIAL PICKS FOR YOU IN LAND BUYS AND REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT PROPERTIES!

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