Sunday, May 02, 2004

The Continuing SAGA of the Little Horse Farm Near Asheville, North Carolina 


I have received numerous suggestions since I posted the article below. Some of you have contacted me to see the horse farm near Asheville. Spring is on the way to Asheville, and the Stream on the property is singing loudly as are the cardinals :-) and the fruit trees are about to leaf out, so it’s a good time to visit.

Just to re-cap…we have been looking at Horse Farms and Equine Properties For Sale Around Asheville, and I mentioned that here in the Asheville area there are many excellent properties for horses that are on the market with rolling pastures, noisy streams and sturdy old barns (with electricity and water) like one I have for sale about half an hour north of Asheville. I explained that the owners of this small horse farm live in Florida. They really didn’t want to leave Western North Carolina, but their business carried them south and now they are homesick for their farm and looking for the “right” folks to buy it. They love their farm…the eclectic farm house that they put so much effort into, the water feature that they built, the 20+ acres with PRISTINE views where they thought they would build their retirement home on one of the 3 building sites near the springs.

I mentioned that I have learned a great deal from this family’s caring for the land
and that their love of their horse farm has inspired me….so…I have been thinking about horses a lot lately.

For example: What happens to old horses? (see article below)
AND…What are the benefits of Equine Therapy for Adults and Kids with special needs?

To this second question I found THIS answer:

For individuals with disabilities, equine-assisted activities have been shown to improve muscle tone, balance, posture, coordination, motor development as well as emotional well-being.

I did some research on the history of therapeutic riding and found this: “Testimony to the therapeutic value of horseback riding spans the ages. But the origin of organized therapeutic riding is relatively recent. The achievements in the 1950's of one woman - Liz Hartel of Denmark - are generally regarded as the impetus for the formation of therapeutic riding centers in Europe. PoUo impaired Madame Hartel's mobility but not her spirit. She rehabilitated herself from wheelchair to horseback and in 1952 she won the silver medal for Grand Pris Dressage at the Helsinki Olympics. Medical and equine professionals took notice and soon centers for therapeutic riding sprang up in Europe. It didn't take long for therapeutic riding to reach the shores of the North American continent. Canadians and Americans studied what was happening in England and quickly made plans to start centers…”

So THAT'S how it all got started! I didn't know that, did you?

Folks began to recognize a need for an organization that could be a clearinghouse for information on therapeutic riding. In 1969 the groundwork for an organization named North American Riding for the Handicapped Association was laid.

WOW! Now I am imagining that someone would like to make the little horse farm a Center for therapeutic riding!..the whirlpool and lower level could be a place for folks to enjoy after therapy!

I am open to your suggestions and ideas. Let me know if you get a good one.
If you want to see a picture of the horse farm, just click on FEATURED LISTINGS to your left…

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