Sunday, June 20, 2004

WANT TO OWN A B&B? Is innkeeping for YOU? 

Here in Western North Carolina where we have some of the most GORGEOUS scenery in the world. We also have many charming small nests for travelers so they can "light for awhile"and enjoy the beauty.Otherwise known as B&Bs, Retreats and Inns, these nests are cozy and welcoming. Many folks who stay here with us delighting in the mountains, color, cultural attractions, streams and waterfalls just want to STAY!

After enjoying the amenities of the small lodging facilities at which they have perched, our visitors often begin to imagine themselves running their own B&B. For some, this dream becomes a reality. Here is a list of “Pluses” if YOU are considering investing your time and energy in a B&B:

• FREEDOM to choose which 20 hours a day you'd like to work. (I’m smiling)
• Living in a beautiful home in an incredible town or mountain country setting
• Meeting amazing people from all over the world
• Renovating and/or decorating the house of your dreams
• Creating delectable breakfast treats, and seeing the smiling faces that result.

For many families, couples, and “Creative Retirement” enthusiasts, the small lodging business is an attractive formula for providing income, interest, and innovation. However, as a REALTOR and former owner of a small private retreat business, I always recommend that you find out as much as you can about this demanding business. And do this BEFORE you buy!

If you are serious about prospecting, I will be happy to recommend wonderful B&Bs in the greater Asheville area—in Madison, Yancey and Buncombe counties. Then you can note the pros and cons of different locations, architectural and decorating styles, and choice of interaction between host and guests. Check out the ambiance that attracts YOU.

If it feels to you that this is "the way to go”, I will also be happy to keep you abreast of what inns, B&Bs, and POTENTIAL B&Bs are available FOR SALE in our area. Here’s an idea…try a sneak peek at one such small lodging facility by clicking on this link (SMALL B&B FOR SALE):


and be sure to see the photos at the GALLERY there.

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