Thursday, July 08, 2004

FAMILY DESTINATIONS in the Greater Asheville Area 

Get the Whole Gang Together
Western North Carolina is THE Place for Families!

Nestled at elevations of up to a mile-high in the heart of the Appalachians, numerous Resort, Club, and Year-round residential mountain villages like a Private Community and Country Club on a mountaintop in Yancey County, offer splendid views of nearby mountain ranges. Lush green valleys paint a welcoming scene for you and your family, so bring the whole gang. You can still "walk lightly" on the land. Mountain communities like Little Pine Preserve, Wolf Laurel Resort, and other Private Communities, all within a short drive of Asheville, are known for their eco-sensitive planning.

These master-planned communites pay close attention to preserving the natural mountain environment. Developers and architects have arranged accommodations and amenities carefully amongst rhododendron, mountain laurel, and towering pines. And clay tennis courts and golf links gently place themselves within the landscape, as do neighborhood parks and nature trails.

Because habitat loss is the primary cause for the global decline in biodiversity, taking special care of rare species' habitats is the foundation of recovery. Of course "green Realtors", like me, understand this and are working to preserve our natural communities. If you would like a JPEG of the natural communities at Little Pine Preserve near Marshall, N.C.in Madison County, please contact me from my web site.)

North Carolina’s high country equals a downhill run to family fun. In the summer, cool breezes and cookouts abound. You might even find a waterfall to picnic near. In the winter, you can complete a wonderful day og snow tubing and/or skiing on our slopes with a family gathering by the fire.

Our family likes to hike together. Long before those “young” Rockies were born, something earthshaking happened in North Carolina: two continents collided, sending titanic plates of rock surging up into the sky. Millions of years later, after nature’s own carving and pruning, a hiker's paradise was born. When the glaciers finally receded from these mountains they left behind innumerable varieties of trees and flowers…And so today, our family enjoys trekking our way up to peaks,finding lavender and flame azaleas along the path.

What is YOUR dream?

. A rustic mountain villa or log home?
• A private retreat on acres of pristine land?
• A welcoming family destination?
• A small,family horse farm or large equine property?
• An eco-sensitive mountain community where the living is simple?
• A natural area with a waterfall you can preserve for posterity?
• A Blue Ridge Mountain get-away, second or vacation home?
• Carefree living in a planned community on a challenging golf course?

• Maybe you would like to restore an historic home in the city of Asheville.
• Or maybe you want to create a Bed and Breakfast (B&B) business.

Let Me Know.

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