Sunday, July 18, 2004

Who Represents YOU in a Real Estate Transaction? 

It is important that YOU are represented professionally in a Real Estate transaction. Take time to interview a number of REALTORS. (See my article on Interviewing Realtors in the archives.) Then select your favorite. You will can get better service if you select just one REALTOR for two (2) main reasons:  

1. If you tour homes or land with another real estate practitioner, but later find  someone you prefer to work with in the sale of  real property, you will NOT be able to work with your favorite, because the first practitioner is entitled to take your preferred realtor’s commission!
2. And if you are working with multiple practitioners, it becomes almost an impossible task to sort out which properties you have viewed with which REALTOR, in order to avoid showing you the same listings.
An economic reality comes into play here.  Only ONE representative for you  is going to get paid when you make your choice of land and/or home. That is why REALTORS simply cannot afford to offer their professional services and time in the "hopes" of getting paid. They need to go forward with a contract for their services. This need not be some mysterious hard-to-understand document! In fact, I like to tailor a representation agreement with which you are comfortable. When you select me to represent you, you will know for sure what period of time, and what general territory, or neighborhoods we will explore together. It's good to be “on the same page.”

Remember that the homes you see on the Internet or with other practitioners are NOT the only ones on the market. Many properties are sold through professional networking and word of mouth before ever having a chance to appear in the MLS. My friends in the industry and I keep an eye out for particular properties. We know who might be open to selling. So if you are really serious about finding property, you need get your REALTOR under contract to YOU. Otherwise, a practitioner has little incentive, and surely will tell his or her contracted clients know about such properties first.

 We all appreciate working with those who enjoy us and want to work with us.  I ask buyers if they are working with other real estate professionals. Maybe they have someone they like to work with, maybe not, but it is important for me to know that.
If you are my client, you have the right to be told about every property I can find that meets your parameters, including foreclosures and homes for sale by owners. If, on the other hand, you choose to work with multiple practitioners, those practitioners are under NO obligation to show you anything other than what they want you to see. That means that you actually could  see or hear about fewer properties than if you are working with just one professional.
I am happy to show you the mountain homes and land you choose to see. I DO like to work within the parameters that make sense for both of us. It is my policy to focus attention on clients under contract with me who have been preapproved for a loan if they are not 1031 Like-Kind Exchange or Cash clients.
If you are feeling reluctant to sign a contract because you just don't like contracts, I can understand that. Request a consultation with me. This includes education about various locations in the Greater Asheville area and showing a limited number of properties. By then, you will have a better idea of whether I am the practitioner for you, and vice versa.  (I'm smiling)
To learn more about the whole subject of representation, please follow this link to the informative brochure, WORKING WITH REAL ESTATE AGENTS IN NORTH CAROLINA.
This is a consumer protection law in our state and explains the ins-and-outs of client representation.  
Please also see this link:
AND if you would like to let me know about your dream home, go to the Design Your Dream Survey located here:

 I look forward to working with you and welcoming you HOME to the Greater Asheville area!

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