Friday, August 13, 2004

1031 exchange FAST FACTS links! 

1031 Exchange Manual,
(1031 Corporation, 2003).

An overview of real estate like-kind exchanges,
(The Appraisal Journal, July 2003).

20 questions about deferred realty exchanges under IRC Sec. 1031,
(The CPA Journal, May 2003).

Review the fundamentals of Section 1031 like-kind exchanges,
(Commercial Investment Real Estate, Jan./Feb. 2003).

Shelter gains with a swap; With real estate investing hot, a tax-cut strategy takes center stage, (Money Magazine, Aug. 2002).

Real Estate Exchange under Section 1031,
(Real Estate Center Report No. 932, 1995/2000).

How to make tax time less costly,
(Realty Times, Feb. 4, 2002).

Section 1031 - Tax-deferred exchanges: 'Real estate's best-kept secret for tax relief',
(Real Estate Issues, Winter 2000-2001).

For more information and narratives on the excellent advantages of the 1031 exchange,
please scroll down the page!

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