Tuesday, August 03, 2004

B&B FOR SALE ~Asheville 

The sign just inside the gate reads,

The couple paused as they wandered down the sidewalk in a village not far from Asheville. They had spotted a sign by the rose arbor just inside the gate of a charming B&B on that tree-lined street. Decorated in hand-painted roses and green filigrees, it read, “ Village Rose Bed & Breakfast for Sale, call xyzReal Estate.” The couple looked at each other, grabbed hands, and you could almost see their eyes light up. Just in that moment, they had found their dream. It was a longtime coming true, but now, they were very close to making it a reality.

NOTE: The B&B you desire may very well NOT be listed in our MLS system. B&B gems are not likely to be advertised on the Internet, either. Most often we Real Estate professionals hear about such treasures by word-of-mouth as we talk with our colleagues and neighbors. A sweet B&B may be available IF you know how to find one…and we do! . B&B4Sale@www.janeAnne.com

The notion of finding and owning the “perfect” B&B is intriguing. The mountain landscapes in the Greater Asheville, the coves with historic homes nestled in the greenery, the picturesque villages, and of course, the Biltmore Estate seem to call tourists to Western North Carolina. This is an area where tourists are welcomed. It is conducive to the B&B business.

If the B&B business truly catches your fancy, you may want to begin to lay the groundwork for ownership, just as I suspect the couple I described above had done. Plan overnights at local B&Bs and then extend your range, keeping in mind the locale and the real property values and availability to you. Perhaps the “right” B&B will cross your path.

To speed you on your way, I have prepared a brief overview including a bit of information on the history of contemporary B&Bs, and on how owning one might work for YOU... see the following posts.

*****By the way, if you have already done the investigation, and made the decision to invest your time, talent, energy and money in a B&B, please DO make contact with haste. I have personal experience in the B&B business, and stand ready to help you locate the perfect property in Western North Carolina for you. Just drop us a note at B&B4Sale@janeAnne.com


The B&B business is not new on the scene. Travelers abroad have enjoyed stays at inviting B&Bs for a very long time. By the late 1960s, delight arising from remembered stays in European B&Bs made its way home with some of those travelers. They began to open their own versions of those establishments, and commenced to offer the familiar small lodging atmosphere in the U.S.A.

Now, thousands of B&Bs dot the highways and byways of America, and a maturing industry with a number of associations and support services, professional newsletters, travel publications, guidebooks, and vendors catering to small lodges also have appeared on the scene.


The B&B business is not for everyone, but if YOU are attracted to it, the rewards can be immense. What owners of B& Bs tell me they like best about the business varies. Some say they enjoy meeting and conversing with their guests, some say the “very nice” income and the independence from a corporate regime is a plus for them. Others appreciate the business as a pleasant way of life. Every now and then, restoring an historic building motivates the potential B&B owners, and we do have wonderful old historic buildings in the Greater Asheville area just waiting for your loving touch.

There is a consensus that great satisfaction arises from “growing” and creating a valuable investment. Success does have something to do with the way one approaches the business. In this business, more than many perhaps, one’s style, the personality of the B&B itself, unique hospitality, standards of excellence, and creative marketing plans really count.

For a small town B&B for sale in the Greater Asheville area,
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