Thursday, December 09, 2004

"Clocks" and the 1031 Like Kind Exchange 

Time is What Keeps Everything from Happening at Once!

A 1031 Like Kind Exchange features “clocks” that you must keep in mind. There’s the 45-Day Clock and there’s the 180-Day Clock. Since a good portion of my business is with clients who are keeping track of time according to their 1031 Exchange “clocks” I have become more aware of clocks and have been thinking about timing, and TIME in general.

Of Clocks: Big Ben, possibly London's most famous landmark was my Dad’s favorite “Modern Wonder of the World”.. "Big Ben" refers to the huge thirteenth bell that strikes the hour, and Dad found the sound to be amazing. On his advice, when last I was in London, I made a point of getting a close experience of this wonder. As I stood beneath a striking of the tenth hour, this marking of time, I was reminded of our need as human beings to “ring forth” order from chaos.

After all, Time is what keeps everything from happening at once, isn’t it? (I’m smiling)

Of Time: Time is a convenient invention of the human consciousness. Our assumptions, starting with those concerning the physical universe –that it is available to direct touch, and that it is governed by laws that we all can count on –prompt us. Time is our tool for making meetings when almost everyone else does, and “getting organized” within the framework of our sensory system. Time is an essential element for a 1031 Like Kind Exchange, as noted earlier.

Time is as old as the hills. We invented it based on our observations of the way things seem to work. We invented it long before Professor Heisenberg formulated his Uncertainty Principle*. We invented it long before we began to question the constructs of the so-called objective world –and long, long before we began to wonder if our concepts might be based on an illusion. I started wondering about all this when the first Star Wars movie came out. There was The Force, and there was Princess Leah in a hologram – starting there, you could begin to wonder if our present slice of the "Reality Pie" simply gives us a tidbit of the "Full Pie".

And, the physics of quantum theory is quite plain in this matter.Nothing even resembling causality— where anything is possible and conscious intent influences space and time—
exists in our tiny, tiny model of matter and space.

I am still wondering how conscious intent relates to your Real Estate transactions, while I am reminded often of the very tangible elements related to time and the Real Estate business.

If you are coming to invest some time or you are watching your 1031 Exchange Clock and on your way to Asheville, North Carolina, please contact me. I am "time-conscious" REALTOR attuned to the elements of Time, and to stewardship through 1031 Like Kind Exchange and IRA investments… naturewalker@janeAnne.com

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