Sunday, December 19, 2004


~Real Estate Investors' OPPS

Opportunities for change-- in your routine, in where you live, and possibly even in the way you live are a "for sure" thing. Change is one process in life we all share that actually brings with it a strong sense of belonging (both individually and collectively.) No where is this clearer than in Real Estate investment.

Whether you are involved in 1031 Like Kind Exchanges, IRA investments or personal transactions, you, my clients, have so much at stake. Your future is in the balance. There are the Great Unknowns, the Possible Gains, the Questions of Losses, the Significance Factors, and even the Risk of NOT Risking to consider. And all of these immerse you in CHANGE.

As you move from your family farm into the city, or relocate from another state to the Appalachians and the Greater Asheville area, you voluntarily initiate the four all-important phases of change— sweet optimism, informed pessimism, plain realism, and integration/evaluation along the way.

As your REALTOR, I am with you from start to finish, part of that process. And I know that even when you make a change that you plan for and look forward to, even one like moving to the “Happiest City in the USA” (Asheville) there are rocky times when you may feel deep unrest over your decision. As I reflect on my own real estate investment strategy and my own relocations over the years, I find that some of those changes that at the time seemed negative and difficult, turned out to be blessings in disguise.

One of the blessings I have found is a renewed awareness of the sense of belonging, or how we "fit" within the whole “web of life” with all of our (individual and collective) “life tattoos”. You have shown me how coming to grips with change not only lays the foundation of belonging, but can be a framework for leadership in the days and years to come. You who invest in mountain homes and land legacies are the architects of the Future. You are planning (and hopefully) finding ways to meet the ordinary and nonordinary challenges that are before us.

I sure appreciate you!


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