Saturday, December 04, 2004

you ARE what you eat... 

A word to the shareholders of Nabisco, Campbell's, Kellogg's, andFrito-Lay: Greg Hottinger's new book, The Best Natural Foods on theMarket Today: A Yuppie's Guide to Hippie Food has just been released.

Even more shoppers soon will be replacing your company's crackers,soups, cereals, and tortilla chips with different brands from their local natural foods market. That's right, the simple switch away fromyour top-selling foods - those lucrative favorites containinghydrogenated oil, high fructose corn syrup, and BHT - is happening every day in markets across America.

The time is now to sell off yourshares and get behind the next generation of food pioneers, Kashi,Amy's Kitchen, Barbara's Bakery, Kettle Foods and others committed tomaking foods that are delicious and healthy.A word to everyone else:The natural foods industry has grown almost 20% every year since 1990.With this growth, you'd think that most Americans regularly shop at anatural foods store. Well, surprisingly only 2% have made wholesomefood a top priority. Are you on board?

Imagine what will happen whenthe next 10% of us decide that organic milk, eggs rich in omega-3 fatsand organic juices are worth the extra money. For starters, healthierfoods will become available in restaurants, convenience stores,hospitals, and yes, even in the cafeteria at work. Would you like to improve the quality of your own diet?

Isn't it time that you put more thought into what you're eating?

MY PAL, Nutritionist GregHottinger has written The Best Natural Foods on the Market Today to help you make simple changes that matter.

Why spend the extra money onhealthier staple foods? What are the real nutritional benefits of wholefoods? Why (and how) should you add almond butter, quinoa, tahini, spelt and miso into your diet?

The Best Natural Foods on the Market Today is a great book written in an easy, conversational style. G.S. of Asheville says, "My wife and Iare both started reading The Best Natural Foods and it is EXCELLENT!"Michael T. Murray, N.D., best-selling author of the Encyclopedia ofNatural Medicine says, "The Best Natural Foods is a terrific wayto learn about the tremendous healing power of foods."

Find out for yourself with this special coupon offer: Order The BestNatural Foods as a gift today and receive $3.00 off each book(http://www.hippiefood.com - coupon code: 1894662)

Oh, by the way, The Best Natural Foods contains over $13.00 worth ofcoupons for Organic Valley milk, Stonyfield Farm yogurt, R.W. Knudsenjuices, Kashi TLC crackers, Frontera salsa, Kettle Foods tortillachips, EdenSoy soy milk, Barbara's Bakery cereal, Gold Circle Farmseggs, WholeSoy yogurt, Blue Diamond Almond Breeze, LightLife tempeh,Bob's Red Mill spelt and quinoa, Maine Coast Sea Vegetables dulseflakes, Horizon Organic cottage cheese, Woodstock Farms almond butterand tahini, SoyCo Rice Mozzarella, Alvarado Street Bakery tortillas,Eden Foods beans, and Reeds, Inc. ginger products.

Are you concerned about pesticides in produce? With each book purchase,receive a free Pocket Guide to Pesticides in Produce that will show youhow you can easily cut your pesticide exposure by an amazing 90%! Allyou need to do is replace the twelve most contaminated fruits andvegetables with organic versions (peaches are the crop with the highestresidue levels). Learn more at http://www.bestnaturalfoods.com

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