Saturday, January 29, 2005

The Mountains Near Asheville 

CONSIDER North Carolina’s high country.

In the summer, cool breezes and camping out will make you smile. You even might find a waterfall to shelter by for the night. In the winter, ski or snowshoe the welcoming Appalachian slopes within an hour’s drive of the Greater Asheville area. Any season is the perfect time for a family gathering by the fire.

Long before the “young” Rockies were born, an earthshaking event occurred in North Carolina: two continents collided, sending titanic plates of rock surging up into the sky. Millions of years later, after nature’s carving and pruning, a nature-lover's paradise was born. When the glaciers finally receded from the mountains they left behind innumerable varieties of trees and flowers, and verdant valleys, rich farmlands and amazing peaks.

Today all these invite you to invest in this natural richness. Whether you are building a second or vacation home, setting aside 1,000 acres for posterity, restoring an historic property or building your business here, your choices as to the amenities you desire are important..
What Will YOU Choose? When you come home to the Asheville area, what will your home be like—a rustic log home with huge windows and gourmet kitchen?— second or vacation home ? A private retreat where you will develop eco-sensitive homes while setting aside acres of pristine land? An organic farm –a horse farm? Maybe you would like to restore an historic home in the city of Asheville to create a Bed and Breakfast (B&B) business.

Whatever your choices, I happily will take them into serious consideration as we search for the "perfect" property for you.

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