Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Top Notch Medical Care& The Greater Asheville Area 

People move to Asheville for many reasons. The beauty of the mountains, the cultural amenities, the friendly spirit that greets you here. Another reason people are choosing to invest in real estate in the Greater Asheville area, is the quality of health care.

Mission / St. Joseph Hospital right here in our area, has a special way with patients! This hospital strives for a “small town” approach to quality patient care. In fact, just this past year, the hospital received the national recognition to prove it. According to reports, Mission Hospitals demonstrated the best practices for patient and is a top notch facility because it goes “beyond the important first step of benchmarking …quality performance… drilling well below the surface to identify the root causes of the quality deficiencies, exercising high-level leadership to change physician practice patterns, and feeding information from modern information technology systems to physicians and nurses on a real-time basis.”

Mission Hospitals have received numerous accolades. Recently, Solucient (an Illinois-based health care information provider) listed Mission in the top 100 hospitals in the U.S., and U.S. News and World Report listed Mission Hospitals in their top 50 ranking of the nation's heart and heart surgery facilities.

An article from our local paper, the Asheville Citizen –Times reported recently:

A patient who is a nurse and who also suffers from a heart ailment …”recently looked into the quality of care of hospitals while searching for a summer home location. “I did a lot of research,” said Smith. “I wanted really good experts in cardiology.” Her fact-finding mission helped make her decision to choose a home in Asheville. She has also recommended Asheville to other friends some of whom have found their homes through me.

The same article noted that “ Mission is not the only facility expanding and offering new and better services. On August 16th Park Ridge Hospital, a 103-bed health-care facility in Fletcher, opened the Park Ridge Urgent Care at 77 Airport Road, east of Interstate 26, south of Asheville. When area patients are not able to see their family physicians or their illnesses and injuries are not severe enough for a trip to the hospital emergency room, they can come to the Urgent Care."


I just heard that an emergency department and will specialize in patients exhibiting chest pain where they can immediately be taken for stabilization, observation, and diagnosis. A team of cardiologists is on-call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

For more information on these healthcare facilities visit Missions Website
Park Ridges Website or Henderson County's Health website
Michael Flynn contributed to this story..thanks Michael.

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