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If you are planning to meet with Asheville 1031/Eco-STEWARD Realty to find and invest in land and sooner or later build a home in the Greater Asheville area, it might be a wise choice to gather as much information as you can on providing a healthy home for your family... That's why I have been working on a task force to gather and offer such information. Another member of our task force told me all about NC HEALTHY BUILT HOMES...I was so impressed, I went on over to visit their web site... and found this! Let me know what YOU think!

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North Carolina HealthyBuilt Homes Program

The new NC HealthyBuilt Homes Program provides a comfortable, healthy and affordable house that reduces energy and water usage and helps protect the environment.

Builders select materials and processes to reduce pollution and the waste of natural resources both during the manufacturing and construction phases and throughout the life of the home, and give careful attention to energy efficiency and indoor air quality. Because the quality, amenities, and energy savings are evident, these homes have a higher value and are easier to sell.

A Program for North Carolina Builders
There are currently more than 25 residential “green” builder programs across the country providing technical and marketing assistance to builders who wish to reduce the energy use and environmental impact of the homes they construct. These programs typically establish guidelines, verify compliance and publicize the benefits of owning a high performance or “green” home.

Participating builders can display recognizable logos that let potential buyers know they are dealing with a builder who is committed to offering a superior product.

The NC HealthyBuilt Homes program launched in North Carolina focuses on collaboration between the NC Solar Center, the State Energy Office, NC Department of Administration and local communities. In addition, HealthyBuilt Homes recognizes and gives credit for the following programs:
Energy Star
Environments for Living
System Vision

Getting Started

Download the NC HealthyBuilt Homes Program Checklist
Download the
Builder Benefits Document
Request an enrollment package from the NC HealthyBuilt Homes Coordinator at
HBH coordinator

View existing examples of green building technologies in North Carolina
Contact the North Carolina Solar Center for design reviews, educational workshops, and professional development. For technical assistance by phone, call 919.515.5666 or
email the center.
Click here for information about Design Reviews.
Click here for information about Educational Workshops.
Click here for information about Professional Development.

Learn about tax credits for renewable energy and historical preservation available to help you financially.
Click here for information about NC Renewable Energy Incentives.
For more information, contact the
NC HealthyBuilt Homes coordinator at the NC Solar Center.

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