Wednesday, June 22, 2005

10 Questions to Ask a Home Inspectors Before You Hire Them

Home Inspections are an important factor in investing in real estate. Having a qualified home inspector and one with whom you can relate is a key element in the process, so be sure to interview inspectors before you select one.

Here are 10 handy interview questions:

1.How long have you been inspecting homes in the Greater Asheville area?

2. How many inspections do you do in a year,anyway?.
(A good, active inspector will inspect at least two hundred homes a year.)

3. That must be a full-time job for you, right?
( Make sure that the inspectors work full-time doing home inspections.)

4. Do you do fixer-upper work, too?
(Make sure the Inspector is NOT also in the business of contracting to fix defects uncovered during an inspection.)

5. Are you licensed?.
(Listen to hear if the Inspector mentions the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) --it is a trade group association for home inspectors. Membership is restricted to applicants with experience, and while it doesn't guarantee that you will get a good inspection, you can know that this Inspector may have a level of professionalism that might not exist with a non-member inspector.)

6. What's the scope of the inspection?
( A home inspector should complete a thorough examination of all the major home components and systems: We advise our clients to opt for "The Works" when it comes to the inspection...
including items mentioned in #7.

To see what Greater Asheville Home Inspectors inspect go here:


7. Do you check roofs, the drainage system, radon, pest inspection, water bacteria, septic systems?

8. What's the cost?
( Find out what the inspector charges, but don't base your final decision solely on the fee. This is one area where you don't want to skimp. )

9. Do you have errors and omissions insurance which covers home inspections?

10. I plan to be at the home inspection, so how long should I plan for, and can you be flexible with my schedule?
(Let your home inspector know that you will be attending the general home inspection. This is a must. Schedule the inspection at a time when you/your trusted Real Estate professional can be available, and plan on devoting several hours to this endeavor.

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