Tuesday, September 13, 2005

“In the current worldview, our values are dominated by the need for development, improvement, progress, evolution and the 'linear unfoldment of time.' “~ F.David Peat

If you look at “development, improvement, progress " in the Greater Asheville area from the perspective suggested in the above quote, you might think that (even) if left alone, things will get better and better here in our area.

I wonder about that. I don’t know if things will get better.

When I think in terms of good, better, best, forcing myself to categorize, compare, and measure, I do not make allowance for that “gut feeling” that has been a friend of mine for a long time Have you ever “just known” a property is perfect for you or for your investment portfolio? If so, you recognize that intuition is a big part of your real estate decision-making process. Asking: "Which alternative is better?" might not get you where you want to go.

As a client-centered REALTOR® I am attracted to transactions in real estate that turn around possibility—in other words transactions that take the perspective of both, all, and side-by-side

That may sound pretty complicated. First of all, you have to reorient an outlook that is so ingrained in your decision-making process (good, better, best) that it’s almost second nature. And then you have to catch yourself when “measuring” turns into your yardstick for decision-making. But I have a remedy for that. Just use my 10-point system.

The 10-point system in real estate transactions decision-making.

Here’s how it works:

If you are investing in a second/vacation home, for example, to get to the 10-point framework first walk me through your day. Tell me what you do. Do you sit with your mate for coffee and a scone and watch the birds come to the feeder just outside your breakfast window? How does your bathroom work for you? Will you choose to work from this home? Is it your private sanctuary? Will your family and extended family be around? And how much of the time? (Take the DESIGN YOUR DREAM SURVEY at:

Now we are ready to focus eight (8) selections that are priority items to you. That leaves two (2) points for your intuitive instincts and pure possibility. How excellent, we have created a genuine property treasure hunt!

I’ll ask you to provide both pros and cons feedback (side-by-side when we are touring…and how you would rate a property on a scale of 1-8…leaving the other 2 points as the intuitive edge.)


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