Sunday, September 11, 2005

SEPTEMBER 11th 2005

Today I am holding a place for change with compassion as Father Mychal Judge asked when he gave the memorial sermon for the first World Trade Center bombing in 1995. “…May wisdom come to you and all in your discernment" he prayed, “and the light of dreams unfolding in the mirror of divinity!"

How could any of us know that there would be a massive challenge to his prayer only a few years later? Some say we have come a long way since the second attack on September 11th. …. have established a Department of Peace http://www.thepeacealliance.org/events/sept_conf_05.htm . .. have
learned something along the way. Open hearts and minds opening when human pain touches all of us seems also to open a way for the limitless potential for universal peace. The outpouring of our finest emotions seems to salve wounds. Healing takes place when we come together as individuals and groups offering what we can..

Like we did for the broken levee, we can attend to the hole in the human psyche. I wish it were simple. I wish we could just put our fingers into the hole, like the little Dutch Boy did, and comfort and console. I wish we could stem the tide of disillusionment, alienation, and all communal illness for during times of disaster, it is obvious just how connected we are as a human family. Intertwined like the silken threads the spider spins, each of us is linked in the fabric of the web.

Here in Asheville, we are gathering for the September Eleventh Candlelight Vigil for Change with Compassion. And we are including this year those who are suffering all over the world….and being especially being mindful of the children…of the tsunami.. . of Katrina.


September 11th and Katrina Memorials and Links

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