Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Not long ago someone approached me with a very good question. “How come you like your work so much?” she asked. I answered that it presented me with a sense of adventure and novel experiences within the framework of a lucrative practice where stewardship of historic properties here in the Asheville area, and stewardship of old Appalachian farmlands and beautiful terrains inspired me. I am a Broker and Resource Person for land legacies and mountain homes in the very spirit of the Appalachians! Later had a few more thoughts on the subject.I emailed my client concerning the impact of the organization with whom I associate, and its philosophy. I feel this organization contributes to the satisfaction I feel in my real estate consulting practice.

I pointed out that 4TERRA~ Asheville 1031/Eco-STEWARD Realty, where I hang my hat, has an unique approach when it comes to the practice of real estate in the Greater Asheville, North Carolina area.
This firm successfully keeps in mind the importance of the entire process.


Let's be realistic....most REALTORS® have the same resources for finding you a real estate investment property/land legacy/ home—They check the MLS, they look for FSBOs, and they hope to find something that way. Some REALTORS® go the "extra mile"...they use their word-of-mouth network and contacts within the industry to help meet client needs. If you find a hard-working REALTOR®, a professional person you like to work with who extends even more energy into the process, stick with that person. Your loyalty will pay off for you. Remember, in the "big picture" how YOU fit into the puzzle is important.


Investors interested in residential properties and/or land legacies here in the Appalachians of Western North Carolina might present REALTORS® with a mighty challenge if they are not clear on their list of "must-haves"! Luckily, 4TERRA~ Asheville 1031/Eco-STEWARD Realty, is an E-PRO business, http://www.epronar.com/whyuseepro.htm where special data-mining and Internet techniques mean better information for clients who are interested in identifying properties that meeting their criteria.

After clients evaluate their parameters and tell 4TERRA exactly what the choices are, 4TERRA designs a game plan that works to produces results. And, in terms of design, an attractive tool 4TERRA offers is the “Design Your Dream” survey. Here's an efficient way to set forth your criteria and make your choices known: the CHOICES CHECKLIST. Take it and have fun with at:
http://www.janeanne.com/survey.asp. .

There are so many issues when it comes to investing in real properties If, for example, you are doing a 1031, http://www.janeanne.com/resources.asp what you offer your REALTOR® in the way of CHOICES also happens to be time-sensitive. So there is an added element to consider. Possibly you are rolling properties into and out of a Self-Directed IRA, you need to have wide vision. That’s when it is important to have a REALTOR® who keeps in close communication with you on appreciation rates and viable locations for investment. If you are seeking a second home, where knowledge of value of properties from the standpoint of location, views, and amenities, what would you do without your famous, dependable REALTOR® who operates on the 4TERRA Plan?

Over the years, 4TERRA~ Asheville 1031/Eco-STEWARD Realty has demonstrated success in many complicated transactions especially in closing challenging, time-sensitive transactions. We are known for making winning offers, and for client communication during the due diligence period, That's when inspections, perc tests, surveys, appraisals, disclosures, and repairs, just to name a few...all must be translated into action and the results conveyed in order to come to a smooth closing event. …In this regard, 4TERRA'a clients often mention how much they appreciate the liaison aspect throughout the entire transaction. 4TERRA~ Asheville 1031/Eco-STEWARD Realty requires an attitude of caring within a partnership relationship.

THE DIFFERENCE: We try to broker "happy" real estate transactions. And that's one standout factor not only I, but you will appreciate that demonstrates the 4TERRA Difference.


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