Sunday, October 09, 2005

Environmentally Sensitive Development in the Asheville Area

Here in the Greater Asheville area you will find a good number of developers who are "environmentally sensitive" . They are concerned not only with being very gentle with the incredible land in our Western North Carolina mountains for future generations, but in building homes that are "healthy" for their inhabitants. This is a growing trend not only in Asheville, but across the nation. Parents want to know that their kids are playing on carpets that are not full of toxins, for example, and that desire encourages healthy choices.

The emergence and an increasing marketability of a new style of land development has taken place over the past twenty years or so. Whether referred to as “green,” “sustainable,” or “environmentally sensitive,” the new approaches to home and land development have one characteristic in common: they are designed and marketed to balance environmental protection with economic return. In fact, energy efficient "green" homes have excellent resale value.

We at the 4TERRA TEAM specialize in working with folks who are interested in healthy choices.

As a Real Estate consultant with a special awareness, I try to practice what I think works. Our own home is environmentally sensitive and I can tell you it is a real pleasure to have worked with a builder who knew the principles of green infrastructure planning! Our acreage with its energy efficient home is attractive to the eye and the pocketbook. And it didn't cost us more to build it in a way that planned for sustainability.

Since a focus of the 4TERRA business is Private Land Trusts, weI try to provide good information about both indoor and out-of-doors factors that influence decision-making including the ecological, hydrological features that project reviewers look for when determining the environmental suitability of a proposed real estate project. These factors govern the ability of investors in real property and developers to incorporate desired resource conservation features in proposed projects.

6 Things That "Environmentally Sensitive" Planning Can Do for YOU

1.Reduce Utility and Maintenance Costs by 60 to 75 Percent

2.Save Time, Reduce Labor Crews and Improve Accuracy of Construction

3.Increase Resale Value and Generate Much Free Publicity for Your Real Estate Investments

4.Dramatically Reduce Environmental Impact - Promoting Energy Independence

5.Spend Less Every Month to Own and Operate Your Home or Building

6.Avoid Mold, Mildew and Toxic Indoor Air

If you are interested in learning more about NCHealthyBuilt Homes and/or in Private Land Trusts, I welcome your inquiries at natureWalker@janeAnne.com

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