Saturday, October 22, 2005

How to Find and Team Up with an "Eco-Sensitive"

When it comes to serious decisions that impact your life, like investing in real property, authentic communication and teamwork is a MUST. And this is especially true if you are a person who wants to provide your family with a healthy-built home and/or create a land legacy in a private trust. Not all people who work in the field of real estate are familiar with the ins and outs of land brokerage...streams and wells and timber and perc tests and surveys and such. . Not all real estate agents are knowledgeable when it comes to eco-systems or toxic substances inside and outside the home and how they may affect your health.

But if you have authentic communication with your Broker, everyone involved in a real estate transaction can benefit. So I' d like to share the following valuable tool . You can use it to assess your potential REALTOR® in terms of establishing a mutually beneficial working relationship.


Rate responses from 1 to 5 (1 = So-So and 5 = Super). Then add up the total.
Your REALTOR® should have at least 70 points

1.How do you like the Real Estate business? What do you like most about it? Are you interested in standards
for sustainability and environmentally-friendly building?

2.Are you a REALTOR® who is a member of the Board of REALTORS?
Do you take classes every year?And what were your last two classes?

3.Tell me a little bit about your background in Real Estate.

4.What can you tell me about NC Healthy-Built Homes, Energy Star Ratings,
and resources in the Greater Asheville area for Green Buiulding?

5.If I am investing in property in your area, do you represent me as the "Buyers' Broker"?
(It is IMPORTANT to know whom your agent represents at all times.)
Do you have a brochure to explain the Law of Agency?

6.What can you offer me as my Real Estate Consultant/Broker in terms of
knowledge, background and education in the field of environmentally-friendly
real property investments?

7.Do you specialize in any market areas/geographical areas?

8.Do you work by referral and/or appointment only? Could you set aside time to accommodate my schedule?

9.During the process of buying/selling how and when will you work with me?

10.I’ve told you about my buying/selling needs…
What is your understanding of what I need?
(Has the person you are interviewing listened to what you have said?)

11.Tell me about your marketing and advertising program.

12.Are you a Member of the MLS System? Will my residential property or acreage
be listed on the MLS System?

13.Do you provide computer-based consulting and analysis? AND how does this work?

14.Do you have a personal/ office website? ...or both?

15. How familiar with the Internet are you? Are you an E-PRO? (A designation of the
National Association )

16. Would you create a page on your company web site
for my property if it were listed with your firm?
Can you set up virtual tours?

15.Do you work with REALTOR.com? Do you have national market coverage?

16.Will you hold an open house for other agents?
(Most professional agents don't hold open houses for the public
because statistically open houses do not attract serious buyers.)

17.Do you provide a professional sign?

18.Can you refer me to an attorney to prepare all legal documents?
(This is the LAW in North Carolina)

19.What’s one of your favorite Real Estate stories?

20. What's your overall impression of my situation?…

TOTAL _______

You can only select one REALTOR®, i.e. can only sign a contract with one...so feel free to use and share this questionnaire with your investor friends. You deserve the "right" REALTOR® for YOU.

All the Best,
janeAnne, Principal Broker, 4TERRA~ The Eco-Steward Realty
in the Appalachians near Asheville

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