Thursday, October 27, 2005

intuition and investing 


“In these complex times, with life moving at a speedy pace, Grandmother Wisdom is at a premium, “ says janeAnne Narrin, author of several books on the subject.

“Are there quick and easy answers to the difficult questions before us? Possibly not, but it would be comforting at least to know which way to turn when we are feeling overwhelmed with information and confused by too many options. We could depend on others for advice, however, what does this do to our own sense of competence?"

“By using our intuition,” Narrin says, “ we can reclaim our own power. . .”

In WOMAGINEERING, a virtual workshop for real estate investors, janeAnne Narrin, M.A., C.S.W. e-PRO and ECO Task Force REALTOR®, in a celebration of November as Feminine Energy Month, offers a 3-Day virtual workshop on re-connecting with intuition and a sense of control over the choices women make in investing in their lives.

Embracing Wisdom and Wellness
Creating the Space to Appreciate Your Self/SELF
Giving Expression to the Creative Impulse
Investing in Legacies

Knowledge that springs from an expanded sense of awareness.

JOIN US in this celebration of Feminine Energy Month.

You will receive three(3) EXPERIMENTS ..to harness the power of your intuition.

REGISTER TODAY for this complimentary offering at

janeAnne Narrin is the author of several books of poetry and nonfiction one of which won the Coalition of Visionary Retailer's Visionary Award/ Alternative Health (1ST Runner-up, Best Alternative Health Book of 1999).

A resident of Asheville, North Carolina, janeAnne is a longtime consultant, who is involved in stewardship for real property, sustainability, healthy-built homes, and the creation of private trusts for the preservation of exquisite lands. (See www.janeAnne.com). The former guidinglight for a major executive search firm, she currently heads a team of brokers and resources engaged in mindful real estate transactions.

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