Wednesday, October 12, 2005

A note to my readers

As a REALTOR®, professional educator, author, and parent, with deep roots in the Appalachians, I find the National Association of REALTORS'®Code of Ethics reminder that "...under it all lies the land…." has special meaning for me as it may also for you.

It’s easy to be IN nature here in the valleys and mountains—hiking, horseback riding, sharing celebrations by fireside under the stars. Folks will tell you that Western North Carolina's rivers, streams, waterfalls, mountains and (under it all) the land, surely must be a “little piece of heaven and earth.”

My clients affectionately refer to me as their "green REALTOR®" because I am so attracted to the beauty of nature here. I love the idea of investing in it, and keeping it safe for future generations. I also like to think that we DO, you and I, have the opportunity to leave a vibrant, living legacy.

If you value this concept, and choose to invest today for today and for the future, I can help.

Whether your heart’s desire is land adjacent to the National Forest with streams and mountain views, a family destination or mountain estate, a horse farm, or a signature home in a Gold Medal winning mountaintop community, you can count on me for friendly, responsible, and thoughtful representation.

In addition, I will be happy to put you in touch with professionals who can offer legal advise, financial expertise, and estate planning. You can look at 1031 Like Kind Exchange benefits and tax minimization, or create a foundation to preserve this “little bit of heaven and earth” and give back to the community and to the world.

Ask me about Eco, Planned, and Golfing Communities all complementing our incredible natural terrain here in Western North Carolina.

And/or if your Dream Home is on the horizon, ask me about a comfortable, well designed, technologically advanced and environmentally friendly place to make those dreams come true. I look forward to meeting you , and hope you will START by visiting the survey right here http://www.janeanne.com/survey.asp that can help me understand your plans.

All the Best,

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