Saturday, November 12, 2005


“The cause of intergenerational equity, how we leave the world to the generations that come after us, is the great moral imperative of our time.” ~Donna Morton

We are in the midst of a revolution. It is a quiet one. Yet, more and more people here in the Western North Carolina mountains notice changes, subtle and not-so subtle. Just an eagle’s flight over the mountain to south Asheville, for example, Drs. Barry and Janae Weinhold are probably busy this very minute writing or speaking about this revolution. They call it “Lovevolution”.

One of the ways it expresses itself here in the Asheville area and in other parts of the country is the KINDNESS CAMPAIGN. http://www.thekindnesscampaign.org/Asheville/Asheville.php

Whether you call it “Lovevolution” the “Coming of the Cultural Creatives”, or by another name entirely, it is clear that the task is to make connections and to promote the recognition of healthy (and unhealthy) patterns; to take seriously the work of making meaning. That is something everyone can do: Try to bring what really matters into focus.

The results-oriented work of janeAnne
www.janeAnne.com and the 4TERRA Team
at ECO-Steward Realty in Asheville exemplifies the art form of meaningful communication. What makes this communication stand out even more is that it is taking place in what some may consider an unlikely habitat— the arena of real property investing. When looking for real estate investments that can “do well while doing good,” consider the philosophy of 4TERRA’S real estate consulting practice. Here, work and value creation go hand-in-hand. Context, not just content, is paramount.

Whether clients are marketing their property or are on tour with a member of the 4TERRA TEAM, they can expect to hear true stories about what has happened in the venerable Appalachian Mountains and valleys, and what IS happening. Expect too that the 4TERRA Folks will want to hear what YOU have to say. What do you say, for example, about the creation of legacies such as private land trusts?

Over the years members of the 4TERRA TEAM have come to see that, in the economy of ideas, sharing stories is the key to successful transactions.

Successful transactions only happen when those involved take the time to talk with each other and to look beyond the short term. As the artist-economist Donna Morton, Founder and Executive Director of the Centre for Integral Economics
says: “The cause of intergenerational equity, how we leave the world to the generations that come after us, is the great moral imperative of our time.”

posted by MizLori for 4TERRA

If you have questions about your real estate transactions, or if you have environmentally-sensitive questions, please contact MizLori@Asheville1031Realty.com

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