Saturday, December 24, 2005

1031 Exchanges and The Business Case for Sustainable Real Property Investing

Being environmentally friendly brings financial as well as social benefits Tax benefits, rebates and lower utility costs of being environmentally friendly add up to a real bottom-line reward.

The tax implications, rebate offers and soft benefits associated with environmentally friendly construction offer a pure dollars and cents advantage for real property investors who can earn tax breaks and rebates, benefit from the lower construction costs, reduce or eliminate the need for heating and air-conditioning equipment and the associated costs of purchase, maintenance and electricity, cut energy and water bills by as much as half and even protect operating budgets from increases in energy prices.

Sustainable construction need not add cost, and its long-term return on investment (ROI) is real. It increases the value of the building and reduces operating costs every year. And the benefits to the environment and to employee health and retention are priceless.

Everyone wins.

Tax rebates; LEED incentives; using energy-efficient designs and devices; maximizing natural energy sources; building add up to tangible benefits for ECO-developers and investors. And remember, although it is most effective to plan green elements into new construction, some elements, such as solar panels can be added to existing residential buildings and commercial buildings adding value to the structure not only for today but for tomorrow’s resale market..

In the commercial marketplace, studies show that environmentally friendly habitats not only raise employee retention and productivity rates, but improve the daily experience, ECO-friendly design leads to increased revenues in the retail market. Research shows that renters are willing to pay more in rent and bring apartment building owners higher-wealth clients.

The real estate advisors and brokers at the ECO-STEWARD Real Estate Firm realize the we and our children live in a fragile, interconnected world. We are interested in establishing mutually beneficial relationships with 1031 Like Kind Exchange investors and an entire network of colleagues who put the theories of sustainable construction to work in residential and commercial buildings. It feels good to be able to be a part of a group of people who are “doing the right thing” for Planet Earth while enjoying a very positive bottom line.

Again…. Everyone wins.

NOTE: The SBA’s 504 Loan Program…For 2005 and 2006, the maximum for loans to general businesses has been raised to $1.5 million; minority- and women-owned businesses can borrow up to $2 million and manufacturers can borrow up to $4 million

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