Sunday, January 29, 2006

'I think I can, I think I can.'

Remember the book you read or someone read to you as a child... The Little Engine that Could? _ the story of a train engine trying to make it up a hill? So many discouraged her, but she had the will power, to make it up the hill, all the while chugging, " I think I can, I think I can.." I always liked that story_ still do. And it comes to mind this January morning 2006, bringing with it the insight that without positive change, a downhill slide is certain. So in 2006

'I think I can, I think I can.'

is my anthem and New Year's Resolution. What I may have found utterly challenging in 2005 ,I'll reinvent in 2006. I will pay attention to my purpose...and put some energy into healthy choices... take my daily fish oil, buy a trampoline and keep my appointments with the dreaded dentist...and read more...

Lately I have been reading a translation of the Lord's Prayer from Aramaic. As a Native American friend of mine from Seattle might say... " This is a "skookum" experience..

(SKOO-kuhm) adjective Powerful; first-rate; impressive.

[From Chinook Jargon, from a Chehalis word meaning spirit or ghost.]

As I read the translation of this ancient prayer from Aramaic,

the words of the prayer are coming to me with a new slant ...
somehow expanded

and I feel connected over the bridge of a thousand years
to a timeless wisdom and to a place in history
that changed it's course.

If we all could speak and know the language of others, what do you think would happen in this world?
King Charlemagne said, "To know another language is to have a second soul." Possibly learning a language is more than just learning words in the new language. It's also learning the culture of the people, understanding their dreams, their spirit, their values. When you learn another language, you might be able to see the world with a new vision...

SO in January 2006...where to start envisioning?

I am starting by making a promise to myself to learn a word or two from another language each day ...
Maybe I'll start with the language of Earth ...terra ..
with sustainability and stewardship and their value in the scheme of things.

Of Interest: -Anu Garg at www.
wordsmith.org says: "There are numerous material reasons to learn a new language. But the one I believe most crucial is this: Once we speak the language of a people, it's much harder to hate them. "
And once they are no longer alien to us, it's much more difficult to discount or ignore them.....
As a person working in the arena of investment portfolios centered around stewardship of land I see the appllication of caring every day......caring for family... for home...for community and for terra...

Happy New Year,

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