Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Asheville Real Estate Journal 

Asheville Real Estate Journal

Asheville Real Estate Portfolio Investments
in Sustainable Real Estate Development

An Important Understanding

Understand this: Here in the Greater Asheville area, Asheville real estate practitioners and investors are in the midst of a revolution. Granted, it is a quiet one. Yet, more and more people here in the Western North Carolina mountains notice the changes--subtle and not-so subtle.

Just an eagle’s flight over the mountain ridges to South Asheville, for example, where new construction is plentiful, Drs. Barry and Janae Weinhold are probably busy this very minute writing or speaking about change with compassion and Dr. Weinhold’s KINDNESS CAMPAIGN. http://www.thekindnesscampaign.org/Asheville/Asheville.php Building relationships is just as important as building the new McDonald's. The Campaign reconfirms the important understanding that we are all interconnected and that it's wise to recognize healthy (and unhealthy) patterns; to take seriously the very work of making meaning. That is something everyone can do: Try to bring what really matters into focus.

“The cause of intergenerational equity, how we leave the world to the generations that come after us, is the great moral imperative of our time.” ~Donna Morton

Making Meaning

The work of communication for understanding and. that it is taking place in what some may consider an unlikely habitat— the arena is ECO real estate portfolio investing, and the groundwork is being done at ECO-Steward Realty in Asheville. “Do well while doing good,” is the firm’s motto. Their mascot is the Ivory-Billed Woodpecker. “Why this 20 pound bird, the largest of the woodpeckers?” you may ask. You’ll be told, “Because it was thought extinct for the last 60 years. Yet, almost as if by a miracle, it recently was re-discovered in the great Old Growth Forests of the South. This signals a second chance for all of us for renewed focus toward conscientious stewardship.” A spokesperson for the firm further states, “We believe that work and value creation go hand-in-hand. In the case of making meaning, context, not just content, is paramount. "

Sharing Stories

Whether offering historic properties to the Asheville real estate market, or choosing to invest in 1,000 acres to preserve for future generations, the 4TERRA TEAM at ECO-STEWARD REALTY works with clients in an economy of ideas by sharing stories about the mountain countryside and buildings of the cities, the past, and present. “Creating a vision for the future is all-important. At the current rate of development, we have at most 20 years to protect our much cherished landscapes possibly by investing in private land trusts .”

Land trusts protect different land types, with the most common ranked as: 1) habitat for plants or wildlife, 2) open space, 3) working farms or ranchlands, and 4) working forests. And land trusts can often fulfill a landowner's wish to keep the family land as it is for their children and future generations. Details available:

Successful Transactions

Successful transactions only happen when those involved take the time to talk with each other and to look beyond apparent short term gains. Again, the artist-economist Donna Morton, Founder and Executive Director of the Centre for Integral Economics:
www.integraleconomics.org “The cause of intergenerational equity, how we leave the world to the generations that come after us, is the great moral imperative of our time.”


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