Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Asheville Real Estate Journal 

Asheville Real Estate Journal

Asheville Real Estate Offers Value Added
ENERGY EFFICIENT Properties where the cost savings add up

Some Asheville real estate practitioners can point the way to cost savings tips for you....

Install Energy Star ® Rated appliances. If you are buying or selling property, be sure to keep the manuals readily available. Seeing the Energy Star label is a compelling feature for the home buyer. In fact, nowadays, many buyers are insisting on Energy Star® Rated appliances not only for the cost savings, but because they know that this feature adds value to their property.

Energy Star® Rated appliances significantly exceed the minimum national efficiency standards.
They reduce energy costs…a very good-thing for you!

Remember also to save the yellow energy use labels from furnaces, hot water heaters and appliances.
Nowadays, more and more home buyers see the added value of these applainces, so if you
decide to sell your residential property, the yellow labels are a feature you will want to present.

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