Sunday, April 30, 2006

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TRENDS in the Greater Asheville,N.C Real Estate Investment Market

The Greater Asheville Area enjoys an energetic position in the real estate investment market.
Our clients have a vested interest in maintaining quality of life in the mountains and valleys, coves and countrysides of Western North Carolina. This contributes to the strong Asheville real estate market. as demonstrated by the increasing demand for value-added, sustainable properties such as NC HealthyBuilt ® Homes . In fact, and this is important to potential investors, more and more buyers are choosing "green" communities. They appear to be looking at ECO-developments and private land trusts not only for their economic investment potential, but for their value in terms of social and natural capital.

We recently did a market analysis of the coastal Florida seller's market. Sales have yet to regain momentum there with days of inventory reaching 1, 339 average for lots and land. Days of inventory for single family residences: average 670+. Also it appears that there is a trend toward the buyer's market in Delaware and VA. This is supported by our investors’ turnover rates. Asheville area trends are energetic on both sides.


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