Wednesday, May 03, 2006

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Asheville REALTORS® Show Responsible Leadership
Through ‘Green’ Building and Land Stewardship Advocacy

What's happening these days in Asheville real estate?

The Asheville, N.C. Board of REALTORS has decided that the time has come to take a look at the popular environmentllay-sensitive market. It began its “ECO Agent” program. In less than a year over 200 REALTORS® have taken steps toward their ECO certification, with 10 members of the Asheville Board earning the ECO Designation including our own janeAnne Narrin.

janeAnne is a charter member of the ECO TASK FORCE who conceived and developed the ECO Agent Program.

Under the program, REALTORS® earn certification by taking a four-hour course, an intensive two-day seminar (16 hours) and electives 16 elective hours. (36 hours in all). Electives may include courses specifically designed for REALTORS® by faculty at Warren Wilson College Environmental Leadership Center (ELC) where raising awareness of local, national and global environmental realities and inspiring caring citizens - to reflect, to communicate, and to act as responsible caretakers of the earth is a strong motivator. In fact, the ELC has just completed a series of four statewide forums that brought together business and civic leaders statewide to discuss the challenges and the responsibilities of taking steps now to insure a healthy and prosperous North Carolina for future generations

CONGRATULATIONS TO janeAnne and to the Asheville Board for recognizing the significance of sustainable community and public demand.

janeAnne..once again you have shown us that you are a little different in a "good" way.

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