Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Asheville Real Estate 

Asheville Real Estate Journal

Envision your Place in the Greater Asheville Area Mountainlands……

Here in the venerable mountains, almost as old as time itself, it is easy to connect with something much larger than yourself. Experience tells me that as you relax, your heart just opens wide, and that magic connection simply happens.. Maybe that’s why Asheville is known as the “Happiest City in the USA”.

A gentle soul told me, “…..there’s a pathway to contentment here. It is like the rainbows over the ridges. It's an uncommon force. When you see it you can measure it by your heartbeat ... an all-at-once coming together and letting go... .” …

Yes...Artists and Poets and Creative People love it here.
Inspiration. . . and Possibility….on so many levels here..
SO as you and I travel in search of your dream property, this is where we start.

At our very fingertips is anything we could ever wish for...an abundance of choice….mountain acreages to enjoy and care for, lovely equestrian properties for riding out with your family and friends, historic properties both in town and in the farmlands, organic gardens, bold streams ..and places to invest time, energy and to create a sanctuary for generations to come…. and so much more.

The natural wealth here reminds me of the flow of the great French Broad River running by the days, bringing wonderful things right to your door. Understanding this, you need only to choose the where and when. But you probably already know this. I’m smiling.

Asheville Real Estate Journal

janeAnne Nature Walker

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