Sunday, October 15, 2006

Asheville Real Estate Journal: The Importance of Open Lines of Communication 

Asheville Real Estate Journal

I LOVE the practice of real estate.
One of the reasons why I LOVE the practice is that we
(all involved) have the chance to arrive at, set the tone for,
and practice attractive ways to relate to each other ..
it's a “win-win” scenario...

The value of authentic exchanges that can happen
between the Offer and the Closing becomes crystal clear.
And dismissing adversarial exchanges is a piece of cake
when the outcome is so attractive for everyone involved.

After all, every one of us has a Dream
that quietly and unobtrusively asks to be fulfilled.

REALTORS® can be "golden threads" in the creation of a tapestry
...a Dream Living Space.

We can shinne as bright points
woven into a Common Dream-- the safe harbor.

The practice of real estate celebrates the Dream,
and to some extent, the very purpose of life…
You can exercise your talents within the reasonable boundaries,
get what you want, and not give it away,but share it wisely.

REALTOR® facilitators are in the unique position
of being able to bring all parties together in a cooperative effort
…. And I LOVE the Dream-Dance where Everybody Wins.


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