Sunday, October 15, 2006

Asheville Real Estate Journal: Asheville LAND and Surprises 

Asheville Real Estate Journal

I was out previewing LAND earlier this week.

My Field Coordinator and I love this part of our work because,
in part,we never know what might show up on our treasure hunts…

There could be a rutted mountain road
–all dirt and wet leaves and scary as all- get-out to navigate,
there could be snakes in the pasture,
there could be a breath-taking view all the way to Tennessee.

So we follow the Dream ... get a sense of place and community.
We look forward to that feeling of connecting you only get when
you walk the LAND ...
Grandpa once told me that Native Americans refer
to an extended sense of community as "all of our relations".

All of our relations --
our fellow humans, the animals, plants,minerals:
the rocks, mountains and seas, the deserts, swamps and wetlands,
the great plains and wild forests. So there is this weaving together
of all the colors and textures of life—strange and mesmerizing

........Earlier this week we had a strange and mesmerizing encounter.

We were tracking down a large parcel of LAND
for our ECO investors whose dream is
to create a totally “Green” community,
all solar and hydro-electric powered and with
both southern exposureand very steep inclines.

We found one of our points of interest
and began a tortuous ride on a very, very steep incline
to what appeared to be a lonely summit, there to find
two unlikely pals at the top (see photo)...


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