Sunday, October 15, 2006

Asheville Real Estate Journal: Skepticism & The Real Estate Person 

Asheville Real Estate Journal
Right from the Start

Have you ever noticed that more people than not go into real estate transactions with skepticism?

Buyers and sellers alike seem to wonder about motives and intentions ...first, the REALTOR® who is (they hope) representing their interests, then secondly, they express concern about“the other side”. It's a tricky-time between the Offer and the Closing Event. And transactions can flounder when the parties involved assume adversarial roles.

Possibly the secret to success lies in communicating intentions. Possibly if we let it be known that we intend to use the “win-win” approach right from the start, and then dedicate ourselves as
co-facilitators to keeping the lines of positive communication open throughout the process, all parties involved will get excited about participating in and orchestrating a smooth closing event.

"Ducks in a Row!"

On this theory, at ECO-STEWARD REALTY we developed a Plan of Action. We ended up with what appears to be a tried and true checklist. We have found that is can and does support effective dialogue. It can help prepare all parties in terms of what’s expected from each of us from the beginning. And whether our clients are looking for a horse farm, acreage, or an energy efficient, green-built home, we feel confident we can offer a transparent transaction process right through the due diligence period, and on to settlement. Our Action Plant provides a very clear picture of
How to get ALL our "Ducks" while Riding with the Stream


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