Sunday, August 12, 2007

I Feel Blessed 

Picture yourself on a typical "work"day

Rolling pastures, and Appalachian countryscapes” dotted with red barns,, white steeples, and greening crops that mean a supply of locally-grown food, border singing streams that bring a smile to your face, and the “wake up” calls of roosters actually may surprise you at any time of day. Surprises are fun.

It is wonderful. . Country breezes bring aromas of newly mown hay. A rigorous walk through the pasture might be at hand. Good exercise. (see photo ) .

There’s a sense of history in the air, too. According to Wikipedia, “prior to the 20th century, the people of Appalachia were geographically isolated from the rest of the country. As a result, they preserved the culture of their ancestors (most of them Scottish, Scots-Irish, Irish, German, and English) who settled the region in the 18th century. The region's culture includes a strong oral tradition (including music and song), self-sufficiency…” .

"Self sufficiency.” Yep, that’s you. You’re in your hiking gear and so are your clients who are practically bubbling with enthusiasm, just like the cascade you point out as you drive on.. . They love the land (and so do you.) They love the all the animals, especially the horses (and so do you.) . They love riding in your car with the top down.

Maybe you’ll have to step over rocks to cross a stream, climb some granite outcropping, sit for a story or two with the farmer on a screened in porch by her perennial garden. . And at the end of the day, the gem having been found, offer on the way or not, you feel that certain sense of satisfaction that arrives when you are at home with what inspires you.

Talk about "right livelihood"! As a REALTOR® who specializes in acreages with improvements such as stables and farm homes the short list of 10 above just begins to describe my day. I feel lucky and blessed to have such experiences. ...gifts I happily will share with you.

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