Wednesday, December 02, 2009

"Green" Sustainable Property Asheville Style! It's exciting. 

"Green" Sustainable Property Asheville Style! It is for sale. And it is SO exciting!

Asheville, North Carolina’s creative citizenry including a growing number of NAR GREEN and ECO Certified® Real Estate Consultants have their hearts set on finding “smart" ways to approach healthy choices in both home AND land design and use that enhance a sense of community. Things HAPPEN when people start getting together and talking. And the talk here in the Greater Asheville
area, where "THINGS" already are happening is about making wise choices in terms of GREEN.

While the environmental and social benefits of green buildings to a community are clear, until recently, some real estate professionals and their clients questioned whether green-built buildings, added tangible value to a property. If you read my earlier post you will see a fabulous accounting of just what this means.

In fact, Green Value, an independent research study, has provided in-depth research on the matter. It concluded that a clear link is beginning to emerge between the market value of a building and its green features.
The study combined a review of literature and case studies and found that not only are green buildings good for the environment, provide healthier places to live and more productive places to work, they can command higher prices.

For Asheville REALTORS®, accepting a leadership role in "green-thinking " new ways not only benefit sour ecology and our economy...but all concerned.
GOING GREEN: socially conscious investing keeps on rolling into a
sustainable world you can create today and tomorrow with eco-friendly land where you can build a green house and then help the environment by recycling.

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